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I don't know about you but just about everything I buy, I use a COUPON for it. I love to save money. Today I went to CVS and purchasd the following:

1-Complete Multi Purpose Solution ($8.99 EB +used a $2.00 coupon= they paid me $2.00 to buy this product)
1- Colgate toothpaste-($2.00 EB+ $1.00 coupon=FREE)
1-Rolaids 3 pk-($2.00 EB + $2.00 coupon=Free+ overage of 41 cents)
2-Gillette Fusion Razors-($5.00 EB + $4.00 coupons=$3.50 each) **** You can also use the buy Fusion razor get a Gillette shampoo which I'll mention next purchase.

Well I also bought 6 candles NO coupon (what was I thinking) well they were 33% off so I did save a little.
Okay my total was $25.13- now keep in mind that I received Bonus Bucks for a total of $17.99 that I will use on my next purchase.

Next Purchase: I bought two things because first of all they were 50% off and next all Maybelline products were buy one get one free
1-Maybelline XXL volumne mascara
1-Maybelline Lipstick
Oh I needed some gum too so I bought that as well.
I used $1.oo coupon + $4.00 bonus bucks=TOTAL AMOUNT FREE + I received a coupon for $5.00 off purchase of $25.00 or more that I will use on my next purchase.

My next purchase:
1-Schick Quatro Razor ($3.00 EB+ $4.00 coupon= .99 cents)
1-Gillette Fusion Razor-($4.00 coupon + Buy razor get Gillette shampoo for FREE)
1-Gillette Shampoo-(FREE but I used $1.00 coupon= $1.00 overage)
1-Johnson Bath Buddies-($1.00 coupon= .19 cents.)

Then I used my $5.00 coupon from last purchase and extra bonus bucks= ALL FOR FREE+ I recieved you guessed it Bonus Bucks for my next purchase.

Next Purchase:
3-Crest Spin Brushes-($2.00 coupons+EB $2.00= .99 Cents each)
1-Colgate toothpaste($1.50 coupon+EB $2.00=.51 cent overage)
2- Johnson First Aid Kits (these are found in the travel section)-($3.00 off 2=FREE +1.00 overage
3-Johnson Bath Budbies-($3.00 coupon=.47 cents for 3) You can also get these at Wal-Mart for Free
I also bought more candles(33% off)
I used my $5.00 coupon from previous purchase and Bonus Bucks= FREE

Next Purchase:
1-Complete Multi Purpose Solution-(EB $8.99 + $2.00 Coupon)
2-Johnson First aid Kits-($3.00 0ff 2=FREE + $1.00 overage)
1-Johnson Bath Buddies-($1.00 coupon = .19 cents)

I used Bonus Bucks to pay = FREE and guess what I received. YES, $8.99 Bonus Bucks to use for my next purchase.

Next Purchase:
1-Gillette Fusion Razor-(EB $5.00+ $2.00 Coupon=$2.99) I ran out of the good coupons (BOO)
I used Bonus Bucks to pay and Had overage so I picked up some M & M's I wasn't about to give them back that extra few cents=FREE

Okay I again received $5.00 Bonus Bucks so after all that I ended up with a total amount originally spent of $25.13-$5.00 EB= $20.13 Now I added it all up and without the coupons my total would have been $125.73 so you can see thats a huge savings.

For you Newbies I have probably totally confused you but it really is easy.

I didn't use any Bonus Bucks to start with because I wanted to show what it would take to start. I only used coupons found from my local newspaper and online. I looked through my coupons, searched for online coupons, and matched them with the CVS flier, then went shopping. It took just a few minutes to get them together, if you already have your coupons organized. ( That's another Blog). Anyone can do it and it doesn't take long at all.

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