CVS Starter Coupons

Okay here are a few items to get you started and on your way to saving big bucks.
Start buy buying the following:

8-Johnson & Johnson First Aid Kits (found in the travel section) Follow this link and print 4 coupons (Buy 2 get $3.00 off)

4-Colgate Toothpaste- Follow this link and print 4 coupons ($1.50 off)

Now lets do the math- Your First Aid Kits cost .99 cents each for a total of $7.92 for 8 of them minus the 4 coupons= $12.00 off leaving you with an overage of $4.08. Then your 4 Toothpaste @ $2.99 each =$11.96 minus your 4 coupons=$6.00 off leaving you with a balance of $5.96
Okay remember you have an overage from the first aid kits so deduct that from your toothpaste balance and you have out of pocket cost of $1.88. Now after you pay this amount you will receive $8.00 in Extra Bonus Bucks for the 4 toothpaste you purchased, that you can use just like cash. Now your ready for you next purchase:

1-Complete Multi Purpose Solution-Use the following coupon ($2.00 Off)

5-Johnson & Johnson Bath Buddies @ $1.19 and print/use 5 coupons

Now lets do this math Complete is $8.99 minus the $2.00 coupon =$6.99
J&J bath buddies 5 @ $1.19=$5.95 minus $5.00 in coupons = .95 cents
Add that to the $6.99 and your total is $7.94
Now use your bonus bucks from your last purchase and your total out of pocket is nothing...that's right FREE plus you will get another bonus buck coupon for the Complete Solution for $8.99 and you can use that for anything else you want to buy. Don't worry you'll catch on quick.

So lets see you bought 4 toothpastes, 8 first aid kits, 1 bottle of solution, and 5 bath buddies all for $1.88 pretty good. Plus you still have $8.99 in bonus bucks to spend. Well, practice with this one and soon you'll be finding so many bargains of your own.

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