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Have you heard of BzzAgent??? Well, I'm here to tell you this is a great way to get all kinds of free stuff. You know me I'm all about FREE. When my daughter told me about this site, I didn't believe I could earn so many things simply by talking (or should I say BZZING about them). Here I am about three years later still buzzing. Let me run down a few of the things I have earned: Pod Coffee Maker, Stainless Steel Coffee Maker, Dog Food, Cereal, Candy. SonicCare Toothbrush, LogiTech Harmony One Remote Control (look up the cost for this--WOW), Electric Razor, AquaPod Water, Ziploc Big Bags, Scrubbing bubbles and many more. In addition to getting free merchandise you also earn points, these points can be used to make purchases. I bought several gift cards which I gave away for Christmas. First you register, answer surveys (the more surveys you answer, the more campaigns you'll be invited to), join in on any campaigns offered, your products will be shipped to you, you use it and bzz about the product to anyone that will listen, report your bzz on BzzAgent and you earn points. It really is easy to talk about these products and as an added bonus they will also send coupons for you to give out to those you have bzzed so they to can try the product. Give it a try it's easy and FREE......(Link is on the right hand side)

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