Monday Shopping at CVS

Well, most of you have probably seen the CVS ad and all the great deals. Well unfortunately, I wasn't able to get out shopping until late so I missed out on some of the bargains. Oh well, I still did good and if you read my last blog you seen my daughter made her first trip to CVS (HOW CUTE) and did pretty good for her first try. Okay everyone, here's everything I bought. I won't go through the whole spill of how and what order (this is something you just have to play by ear because you may go in with a plan but if merchandise is not available, you have to have a backup plan). So I'm just gonna lay it out and give you the total cost, how much out of pocket and ECB left over. Here it is:

2-Life Energy packs
1-Gillette Venus Razor
1-Eucerin Hand Cream
1-Smooth Away (as seen on TV)
1-EAS 4 pack drink
1-Slim Quick Energy
5-Christmas Candles
2-Loreal Metallic
1-EAS Bar
2-LG Choclate Candy Bars
1-Bag of Cookies
1-LG Folgers Coffee 33.9 oz
1-RightGuard Professional
1-Halls Natural
2-Crest Pro Health
2-Large Handbags w/neck pillow, Small makeup bag, lotion and body spray in each
1-Caress 150z Body Wash
2-Orbit Gums

Total Cost $153.80
Out of Pocket $15.45
ECB Left $4.00

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