Helping Our Military Families

I know this has been posted many times before AND IT SHOULD BE! We always think about the many different ways we can help our troops but what about their families?

Have you ever heard of the Overseas Coupon Program?
This program serves military families by assisting you to forward "manufacturer's coupons" to overseas military bases. These bundles of coupons are placed on tables, at the PX and Commissary, or handed out forse by military members and families on base. This helps the family save valuable dollars and stretch their budget.
Here are a few things you should now:

  1. There is no minimum to donate.

  2. Send coupons that are expired up to 2 months MAX.

  3. You can sign up as an individual, group, or organization.

  4. Adopting a base is simply the easiest way to support the program. Find out more about adopting a base here.
Helping the Overseas Coupon Program has got to be one of the easiest ways to help! Let's face were going to throw away your expired coupons, right? Well, now you can send them to our military families instead :)

What are other ways you can help?
Well as you may know, Frugal Mama and I are both Navy wives and we greatly appreciate programs like the Armed Services YMCA (ASYMCA.) ASYMCA programs aim to bring families closer together while at home and especially during deployment. Healthy families contribute substantially to the success of service members and the entire military, providing confidence and peace of mind.

Local programs include:
  • Home Visit Counseling

  • Respite Care

  • In-Home Parenting Education

  • Emergency Food Supplies

  • Young Family Support

  • Mom and Tots Time

  • Sharing Caring Moms

  • Daddy & Me/ Mommy & Me

  • Food for Families

  • Family Abuse Shelter

  • Child Abuse Prevention

  • Parenting Workshops

  • Infant Car Seat Loan
There are a number of other programs they offer to service members and their dependents. Check them out by clicking here. To find a location near you click here. The ASYMCA is entirely self-funded through individual donations, corporate contributions, and a standing YMCA endowment that pays for our military programs and services in full.

Donate to the ASYMCA today by clicking here.

We want to say thank you for your support!

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