Good Evening Everyone,
I just got back from Krogers and boy do they have some great deals going on. If you buy ten of the participating products you get $5.00 off, top that with your coupons and you've got some outstanding deals.

Today I seen a mother and daughter shopping both had their coupon binders in their carts, and oh it reminded me of my daughter. I wish we lived closer to each other, but for now I'm here in Texas and she's in California. We have so much fun together (she's a nut) okay, you're right she had to get it from somewhere and I guess she got it from me. I say all this to say kids grow up so fast. It's unbelievable how time just flies right before your eyes that you don't recognize, (HAHA for those of you that didn't understand that, it's a lyric to a song). It seems like just yesterday my daughter was playing with her New Kids on the Block toys. (Sorry baby I had to go there) Okay, let me quit reminiscing ::sigh:: and get back to my good deals.

Here's what I bought: (all prices reflect the $5.00 off ten)
3-Kleenex $1.09 (40 cents off/doubled)= 29 cents ea
4-Glade Air Freshners 46 cents ea ($1.00 off 2)=Free
1-Captain Crunch Cereal $1.99 (50 cent off/doubled)= 99 cents
3-Green Giant Steamers 99 cents ea (50 cents off/doubled)= Free
3-Kens Salad Dressings $1.49 ea ($1.00 off)= 49 cents ea
1-Kraft Mayo $2.49 (75 cents off)= $1.74
2-Nature Valley Granola Bars $2.19 ea (50 cents off/doubled)=$1.19 ea
4- Hungry man Meals $1.49 (didn't have a coupon I just wanted these)

Total- $37.87 (B4 the discount)
Minus the $10.00 for buying 20
-coupons $14.15
OOP $13.72 That's about a 64% savings
They had several other good deals but these are the things I needed to buy today. I'll go back again so I can get my free air fresheners and Steamers.

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