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FYI: I am a beginner when it comes to the whole coupon thing. I have always used a few coupons here and there but now I'm beginning to become wiser, well when it comes to shopping. Haha. I used to keep my coupons in a little box that had dividers for everything but I found this to be a hassle. I know many of you have your own nifty ideas like using binders and etc. However, I am not at that couponing level...yet. SO in the mean time I made this:

I used your basic day planner and made slots for coupons out of photo album inserts. I used a hole punch to make holes in the inserts to match the rings in the day planner. Ooh and just in case you are I didn't buy a new planner. I actually recycled my old one from 2007 :) Another great thing about this idea is: IF YOU DROP IT, YOUR COUPONS DON'T FALL OUT! How great is that?!


Rebecca said...

Way to go on being creative! It looks like it will be functional!

My Soul said...

You are amazing! I have tons of coupons and then never take them with me this is great I am taking your wonderful idea ;)

Curls said...

What a great idea for someone who wants to carry coupons in their purse! Thanks for the link.

Maridith said...

Very cool idea. I think I am going to try it. Right now my organizer consists of an envelope that has lots of tape on it and I can never find a thing!!

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