TIP-a-licious Thursday

I wanted to share with all of you some tips for the day.
Have you ever had soap scum in your shower, well of course you have who hasn't. But who wants to clean it, NOT ME. I hate the smell of the fumes from Shower Cleaners. My mom has all kinds of concoctions she uses and she gave me these tips along with a few others I thought might be useful.

1. To get that soap scum off and leave a fresh scent use Downey Fabric Softner. I put the downey in a spray bottle and spray it on, use towel to scrub a little, rinse and dry. Not only will you have a clean shower but it smells good too.

Once you have a clean shower you can use Turtle wax (no you're not going to wax your car) but you are going to wax your shower. This helps prevent soap scum and keep your shower clean because the water just beads right off. (I haven't tried this one but heard it works)
or you can try baby oil, just wipe it on (don't let it drip) and this does the same as the turtle wax, the water beads off and leaves you with less work.

2. Vinyl flooring- mix 1 TBSP Borax to 1 gallon of warm water. Use this to mop floor, no rinsing required and leaves a shine.

3. Nasty bugs on you front grill/bumper of your car. This can be hard to remove when you wash your car but if you use a little non stick spray like Pam it comes right off. Initially spray and wipe off this will make it alot easier to get them off the first time. Now every time you wash and dry your car again spray a little more so they don't stick to it.

Happy Cleaning and hope these tips help.........

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Rebecca said...

Way to go! Good tips!

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is fat from Anything Goes.
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Anonymous said...

Congratulations, EC sent!

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