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Good Afternoon,
The other day I went to Walgreens and noticed all the Hannah Montana and High school musical stuff was 50 % off. I didn't get it then but decided I better get the High School Musical Sleeping bag for my granddaughter before they were all gone. Good thing I did, it was the last one. Of course I had to get a few other things. Just thought I'd share these deals with you. I wanted to get a few more items at CVS but they were severely bare.

4-Oust Air Fresheners (B1G1)
2-Scrubbing Bubbles (B1G1)
2-Celestial Green Tea (B1G1)

So in addition to the sale Walgreen's has going with the buy one get one free I stacked that with my coupons as follows:
2-B1G1 Oust (1/11/09 insert) Max coupon allowed was $3.49 and these were $3.79 so I paid .60/4
2-Scrubbing Bubbles .75 off (1/11/09 insert)=1.49/2
2-Celestial Tea $1.00 off (1/11/09 insert)= $1.49/2

Total Cost $28.12
Used $3.00 RR

4-Beggin Strips 2/$7
1-pk Soy Joy Bars

Used the following coupons:
2 -B1G1 Beggin strips (Cashier entered price as $3.99 instead of the $3.50 sale price)
1-$1.50 Off Beggin Strip
1-$1.00 Soy Joy

Total $20.00
Used $9.00 EB
OOP .52 Cents
Earned $6.00 EB for the Soy Joy Bars


Rebecca said...

I'm so jealous!

Anonymous said...

You're so on top of this. I envy your organization.

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