CVS Shopping on a Ten Dollar Budget

Hello Everyone,

Well my shopping went well and I had a very Frugalicious Day. For those of you that haven't seen it the Contour Monitor's are a very good money maker, you get them for free then you send in the rebate for $30.00 back ($$$$$$$$).

Also I wanted to mention for those of you that are just checking in for the first time that I started this Monday CVS shopping with zero EB and now I just roll over my ECB and spend no more than $10.00 a week.

Oh let me tell you, last week I had a cashier that did not accept my coupon for $5 off $25 because she said my total would not be $25 after all my coupons. Needless to say, I called corporate office and they said the cashier was in the wrong and added $5.00 EB to my card. I also used my $4.00 EB from my fall spending again ( have used it over & over) Until it expires I'll keep using it.

Okay here s what bought today:

Trans #1
1-Contour Monitor $30.00 ($30 off)
4-Glade Candles 4/$10.00 ($1.50/off 2)
2-Peanut Butter Cups 2/$1.00

-coupons $31.50
-$5 off $25
-Endless EB $4.00
= OOP 54 Cents
EB earned $5.00

Trans #2
2-Glade Oil Warmers $3.74 ea (BOGO)
2-Glade Plug ins $2.49 ea ($2.00 off ea)
1-Folgers Coffee $6.99
1-Contour Monitor $30.00 ($30 off)

Total $49.45
- coupons $36.49
=$12.96-$5 off $25
-$5.00 EB
=OOP $2.96

Trans #3
6-Glade Oil Candle Refill $2.50 ea (1-BOBO+2/$2.00 off 2)
2-Glade Candles
1-Gillette Gamer Razor ($4.00 off)

Total $27.99
-$5.00 off $25
-$13.39 coupons
-endless $4.00 EB
-$5.00 EB
= OOP 65 Cents
EB Earned $14.00

Trans #4
4-Kellogs Cereal $2.50 ea ($1.50 off 2)
4-Peanut Butter Cups 2/$1.00

Total $12.00
-$3.00 coupons

Total for the day $130.44
Total for the day OOP $4.15 ($5.85 under budget YEAH)
$10.00 EB left
and I will send in my rebates and get $60.00 back.

Trans #5
2- Contour Monitors $30.00 ea ($30.00 off)
2-Hersey's Bar 2/$1.00 (BOBO)
1-Excedrin $2.49 ($2.00 off)
1-CVS Chewable Asprin $1.99
1-Envelopes $2.49 (I needed these)

-$62.50 coupons
-$5 off $25
=.47 cents OOP
EB earned $4.49

Trans #6
4-Progresso Soups $3.19 ea (BOGO)

Total $12.76
-$6.38 BOGO
-$2.49 EB
=$4.00 (.11 Tax)
-$4.00 Endless EB

New Total for the Day $211.17
OOP for the Day $4.62 (still under Budget by $5.38)
I now have $12.00 EB and 2 more rebates for a total of $120.00 in rebates YIPPEE

I was informed that if you use a Q to get the monitor for FREE you will not receive the rebate. However, I did receive rebates before so hopefully it will work again. If not they were free anyways. (Cross our fingers XXXXXXXX)

Have a Frugalicious Day...........................................................


Unknown said...

I love to read about CVS and Walgreens savings. I have to learn how you do this so I can save.Be sure to enter my contest I started today.

Juanita said...

It's pretty easy to do. It just takes a little time but in the end you get soooo much free stuff.

James said...

don't know if you have ever sent in for the rebate on the meters before or not,but from what i have heard if you use a Q to get it for free they will not give you a rebate.

Chris said...

How are you able to reuse the endless ECBs? This will be the first quarter that I'll earn any. Will they be on my card and it'll deduct? Does it get printed out at the beginning of the next quarter?

Juanita said...

Hi Chris,
I'm calling it my endlesss EB because it is from my fall savings.You can find the EB at CVS online. Create your account linking your card. It is located under current coupons. I printed it once and used then, when I logged on again I noticed it was still there and it allowed me to print again. I tried using it and it worked so I've been using ever since. BOO it expires soon. Thanks for dropping by

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