Tip-a-licious Thursday

Hi everyone!
Do you ever wish there was an easy way to earn a little money?
I know everyone has heard of online surveys, but can you trust them? My answer is YES...well some of them. I encourage you to sign up for the following:
  1. YouData-You provide some information on exercise habits, family size, etc. and then you are paid to view online advertising. They will send your payment to a Paypal account. (I usually wait until I have a few dollars then transfer it to my bank account.) I have received about $5 from YouData.

  2. SurveySpot-Set up your free account and have unlimited access take as many surveys as you want. There is no commitment you can stop participating at any time. SurveySpot sends me anywhere between 2-3 surveys per day. You can earn cash & rewards! Win up to $25,000 in their quarterly sweepstakes. You can also earn up to $15 for each completed survey. I have actually received (2) $10 dollar checks from them :)

  3. PineCone Research- is an exclusive online survey panel that acquires new members via an invitation-only process. (Click on the title and it should take you to the sign up form. Let me know if it works.) They will notify you by email of upcoming product surveys.
    In your email you will be provided with a password which will enable you to access the survey at a designated website. They will pay for completed product evaluation surveys, product evaluations average 15-20 minutes to complete. The typical reward for a completed survey is $3.00. Occasionally they may ship you a product to test. PineCone has just recently made it easier for members to receive their payments via Paypal! Yippie...no more waiting for a check!

    Here is a picture of 2 checks I have received:

There are plenty of paid survey sites out there, however, please be cautious! Never pay to join a survey site because chances are it is a scam. Also, DO NOT believe promises of a high pay out because the truth is - you will not get rich doing online surveys. You can make some extra money per month doing surveys but I wouldn't count on it to replace your job. Besides that----Have fun making easy money! If I have helped you in anyway, please leave a comment.

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