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Hi ladies! I want to ask you some questions regarding your boobs..Hehe..Did I get your attention?! Well, how many of you are currently breastfeeding? How many of you ever heard of donating breastmilk?
Tonight as I was viewing random Youtube videos via my iPhone, I found a clip of Salma Hayek breastfeeding a African baby.

Honestly my first reaction was 'Hmm that's akward.' I guess because as a mother I've never considered breastfeeding a child that was not mine. A blogger on EW.com, the web site for Entertainment Weekly, declared the video clip winner of the "biggest eyebrow-raiser award" and called Hayek cool "because her left breast has now done more for humanity in a few minutes than I've done in roughly my life."
After researching on the net I found a great site called International Breast Milk Project (IBMP). Their mission is to create awareness of the need for donor human milk, mobilize donors and provide donor human milk to infants in need.

How do I become a donor?
What are the steps?
  • Online Application
    In order to be eligible to donate your breast milk, you must first complete an online interview. The application includes about 45 questions, similar to questions you answer prior to donating blood. It will take about 10 minutes. Once your application is processed, you will receive an email from our milk bank with detailed information on next steps. You can expect to hear back within 1 week of submitting your online application.
  • Donor testing
    For your convenience, IBMP bank arranges a blood test at your home (How easy is that?!). The blood test is performed by a national laboratory, (ExamOne) and is paid for by their sponsors. At the same time, you will be asked to provide a cheek swab to create a DNA match for the milk. This ensures that only milk from tested donors enters the system. Again you will be notified via email of your qualification.
  • IBMP ships a cooler directly to you
    Once you are qualified, you will receive email notification and information on next steps. We will ship specially designed containers with gel packs to your home, with detailed instructions on how to pack and ship the milk back.
  • Pack your milk in coolers
    When ready, you will place the frozen milk and the gel packs into the container along with the prepaid priority shipping label.
  • FedEx picks up milk
    One call to FedEx and your milk is on its way! FedEx will come to your doorstep to collect the containers for overnight delivery to our bank. The shipping is paid for by THEIR sponsor.
    **Note: Each qualified donor has the option of receiving a free hospital-grade electric double pump.**
What are other ways I can get involved?
Find more information on how you can get involved on the IBMP website.

Even though I can not see myself doing what Salma Hayek did, I can still help babies in need. The whole donation process is easy and leaves you with NO excuses NOT to do it. I plan on doing this in October when my baby is born unless I do not produce enough.
C'mon ladies get out there and help!

♥Give Milk. Give Life. Give Hope.


Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

I think the problem is so many women choose not to breastfeed in the first place because our boobs have been so sexualized. I feel that's why so many people have been quick to say this is weird - when really, it's not. There used to be a lot of wet nurses ages ago. I think it's great that Salma has brought more attention to bf'ing, first when she said she'd bf as long as she could awhile back, and then with this. :)

Robyn Jones said...

I have to say that is the first time another woman has asked me about my boobs...LOL...oh no...wait...except for the NURSE WHO GRABBED me in the hospital without asking...when she assumed that after four kids...I wouldn't know how to nurse the fifth...(LOL)

I have attempted to nurse all my kids...but have hormonal problems which make it difficult....meaning my first and second children were failures...my third, I managed with the help of a herb called Blessed Thistle..., I had no problem at all with the boy...but again this time I am taking blessed thistle and a drug to increase my milk...SIGH

-the video is a little..."odd"

Robyn Jones said...

The video quit working..was removed...

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