CVS on a Ten Dollar Budget

Good Morning All,

I only spent $1.57 OOP so far. I"ll probably go again later because I wanted to get a few more things and wouldn't you know I forgot some of my coupons. Here are my purchases so far:

Trans #1
1-Glucose Monitor (used $20 off) $14.99
1-Slimquick Energy Drink $4.99
1-Carnation Breakfast Drink $4.99

Total $24.97
-$5 off $20
-Monitor Coupon (the cashier gave me the entire $20 off instead off adjusting to the actual price)
Earned $9.98 for Slimquick & Carnation

Trans #2
6-Hershy Bars 2/$1 (used 3/BOGO cashier gave me full price off)
2-Reeses Whip Bars 2/$1 (used $1.00 off 2)
1-Tide Detergent $5.97 (used $1.00 off)
3-Pantene 2 in 1 Shampoo $5.77 ea (used 3/$2.00 off & SC $3 off 2)
1-Alka seltzer $3.49 (55 cents off )
1-First Aid Kit 99 Cents ($1.00 off)
1-Charmin Big 6 roll (free for buying $20)

Total $31.76
-$5.00 off $25
-above coupons
-$9.98 EB from Trans #1
=$1.57 OOP ($8.43 under my $10 Budget YEAH)


Unknown said...

apparenlty Twitter thinks I twitted to much the last hour so here I am. Just wanted to say love your site and think you're awesome for logging your entries so diligently
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Quiskaeya said...

I need to get on the ball! These savings are NO JOKE! I did get a small steal from Publix. They had a BOGO deal on Juicy Juice. I had a coupon for a dollar off. I got one free and paid 2.49 (instead of 3.49) for the other.

Juanita said...

Thanks Chuck & Quiskaeya for visiting our blog and for your nice comments.Have a Frugalicious Day.

Who is this CouponNerd? said...

CVS had what I needed on Sunday, but completely out of monthly ECBs deal on tuesday patient right? LOL

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