CVS on a Ten Dollar Budget

Monday is here again, where did the weekend go?????
This Monday I started with ZERO ECBs, I do this so that those of you that are just beginning will at least have a starting point. Every time I walk into any CVS I scan my card, usually I get several coupons (hoping to get a $5 off $25, I just love these). As you may have noticed I usually buy the Glucose monitors every week, I buy these just to get me closer to the $25 total without actually spending the $25 (since I have q's for these I get them for free). Okay, here are my purchases this week:

Trans #1
2- Kotex Pantyliners $3.89 ea (-1 CVS $1.50 q stacked with 2/$1.00 q's & earned $4 ECB)
1-Sucrets $3.99 (-$1.50 q & earned $1 ECB)
1-Monitor $14.99 (-$14.99 q)

Total $26.76
-q's from above + $5/off $25
=$1.77 OOP
Earned $5.00 ECB

Trans #2
1-Monitor $14.99 (-$14.99 q)
1-Aveeno Anti Itch $4.49 (-$2.00 q & earned $2 ECB)
1-Theraflu $5.99 (-$1.50 q & earned $2 ECB)

Total $25.47
-q's from above + $5/ off $25
-$1.00 ECB from last trans.
=98 cents OOP
Earned $4.00 ECB

Trans #3
2-Suave Body Wash $1.99 ea (-$1.00 q & earned $2 ECB)
2-Gold Emblem Candy .88 ea (-$1 off/2 q)
2-Pringles $1.47ea (-two $1 q)
2-Monitors $14.99 ea (-$15.00 q)
1-Colgate Toothpaste $2.99 (-$1.00 q & earned $2.99 ECB)
1-Aveeno Cream $4.49 (-$2.00 q & earned $2 ECB)
1-24 pack Gold Emblem Water $3.99
1-Playskool Wipes $1.99 (-$2.00 CVS q)

-25% off q that CVS sent me and the above q's (BOO, I thought I could use this all weekend)
=11 cents OOP
Earned $6.99 ECB

2-Monitors $14.99 (-$15.00 q)
1-Irish Spring Body Wash $4.99 (-$1.00 q & earned $4.99 ECB)
1-Dry Idea $2.99 (-$2.00 q & earned $2.00 ECB)
1-Purina Dog Food $5.29 (-$1.00 q)
1-CVS Vitamin D $2.99 (Earned $2.99 ECB)
1-Pepsi $1.49 (I was thirsty)

-$5 off $25 + the above q's
-used $8.00 ECB
Note: The register ate my receipt and I can't remember if I paid a few cents but lets just say 73 cents OOP. Cashier had to manually give me my ECB's. There was a long line so I waited for the other customers, thats why I never got a duplicate copy. I always hate for people to have to wait for me with all my q's.

Earned $9.98 ECB

Trans #5
2-Vaseline lotion $3.69 (- two $1.25 q & earned $4 ECB)
Note: they still had these flagged from last week so I was able to get them.

-above q's
used $5.00 ECB
Zero OOP

1-Topsy Turvy $9.99 (I have been wanting this, can't wait to plant)
2-Gold emblem Candy .88 ea ($1 CVS q)
1-Playskool Wipes $1.99 ($2.00 q)

Total $13.74
-above q's
Used $9.98 ECB
=78 cents OOP

Totals for the Day
=$4.37 OOP
ECB's left $6.00



Anonymous said...

Where do you get the coupons for the glucose monitors? And what do you do with them once you buy them? You got five this week?

Juanita said...

Not sure where my coupons came from (my mother sends me cut coupons via mail) but I do know that there were glucose monitor coupons in the 1/4/09 & 1/25/09 RedPlum. After I buy the monitors, I give them to people who need them (friends, family, friends of friends, & etc).

Ashley Pichea [] said...

I started with Walgreens last week (since it's closer to home and I was able to do the diaper deal last week), but I can't wait til I figure out the CVS deals, too. Thanks for laying it all out for us... it helps me to know what I'm looking at/for.

sara said...

I loved your deals. I got a lot of the same things yesterday as well. I'm not sure if you were aware, but you should be able to get the Dry Idea deodorant up to 3 times and get $2 ECBs each time. The ad says the limit is 1, but I did it with 3 last night and I got $6 ecbs (I used 3 seperate $2 off coupons) It turned in to a nice little money maker.
Thanks for posting. I didn't find the tomato planter, but I'll keep looking.

Juanita said...

Thanks Sara for your comment and for dropping by. Yeah, the ad says limit of one but the shelf says three. Oh by the way I have yet had the time to buy my plant to try my Topsy Turvy. Silly me I thought it came with it.

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