CVS on a Ten Dollar Budget

For those you that follow our Monday post, you know sometimes I use my previous ECB's and sometimes I start from scratch. Today I started with $10.00 in ECB's. I usually roll them over to the next week so I spend less cash OOP. I may update this because I wasn't really finished but my foot was telling me to go home (still suffering from post-op pain).

Here are my purchases:
Trans #1
1-Glade Lasting Impressions $5.99 ($4 Q + $1 CVS Q)
2-Scrubbing Bubbles Kits $2.99 ea (2/$2.75 Q)

=$1.47 OOP
Earned $1.00 ECB from the Glade

Trans #2
1-Shout $2.50 (.75 Q)
1-Fantastik $2.50 ($1.00 Q)
1-Scrubbing Bubbles $2.50 (.75 Q)
1-Sense and Spray $5.99 ($4 Q)
2- Scrubbing Bubble Kits $2.99 ea (2-$2.75 Q)
2-Clean & Clear Wash $4.99 ea (2/$2.00 Q)
1-Clean & Clear Pore $6.99 ($5.00 Q)

-$5 off $25
Used $10.00 ECB from previous week
=.44 OOP
Earned $7.00 ECB ($5/Clean & Clear, $1/Glade, $1/Shout)

***You see Windex in the pic but the cashier didn't charge me for it so I'm taking it back, I didn't realize it until I started posting this.

Trans #3
1-AW liter $1.25 (Free when you buy the Candy)
3-M&M Bags $1.50 ea ($1 Q)
3-Pond's $3.99 ea (3/$1.25 Q)
4-Sally Hansen Nail Polish $2.49 ea (BOGO + 4/$1 Q's)
1-Paas Egg Color Kit $1.99
1-Cinn Toast Bar .89

-Q's & BOGO offer & $5 off $25 Q
Used $7.00 EB from Trans #2
=$3.58 OOP
Earned $6.99 EB ($5/Ponds,$1.99 Egg Color kit)

Total OOP=$5.49
ECB left-$7.99


Anonymous said...

I am new to this cvs and walgreens I see where there is trans 1 trans 2 and trans 3. Did you have to do three seperate orders or could you of rang it all up at one time

Juanita said...

Hello, Thanks for dropping by. I usually purchase in seperate transaction so I can roll over my ECB's and spend less OOP.

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