Kroger's Deals

For those of you that live near a Krogers. This week they have buy 10 of the participating products get $5 off. Topped with your Krogers Card and your coupons equals some Great Deals. **Indicates participating product

Here is what I purchased today:
2-Bags Purina Dog Food (2/$3.50 Q's)
2-Tubs Country Crock Butter (2/.25 Q Tripled) **Final Cost .24 ea
6-Glade Sense & Spray/Lasting Impressions (6/$4.00 Q's)
3-Bags Mahatma Rice (3/.50 Q's Doubled)
3-Toaster Scrambles (3/.35 Q's Tripled) **Final Cost.44 ea
2-J & J Bath Buddies (2/$1.00 Q's)
5-Powerade ** Final Cost .49 ea
1-Burrito (My sons lunch)

Total $94.75
-$40.24 (Kroger Card Savings and $5.00 for buying the 10)
-$40.65 in Q's
=$13.86 OOP


~Rachel said...

Rachel here, from MBC. I'm looking forward to following your great blog!

Juanita said...

Thanks Rachel. Welcome to Frugalicious Mommy

Quiskaeya said...

Totally cool! I've been doing the same thing with our local Publix grocer. It's not easy. I'll admit it takes some planning, investigating. But in these times every dime saved is worth it.

Juanita said...

Quiskaeya, Thanks for your comment. Your right it does take some planning but well worth it.

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