Skin MD Natural Product Review

All my life I have suffered from extreme Eczema and I'm not talking about your occasional red, dry, itchy spots! I can't begin to count the number of times that I have taken Benadryl to help me not scratch only to wake up to bloody spots on my body. I have tried so many different products & medication with little to no luck.

I was recently sent a sample of Skin MD Natural shielding lotion + SPF 15 to review. I wondered how I would fit it into my moisturizing routine which consists of: Applying hydrocortisone, Vaseline, and then beeswax on drier areas. I tried replacing the Vaseline with the Skin MD lotion but this did not work for me due to my overly dry skin. So I decided to apply the Skin MD lotion before I applied Vaseline and that has worked great! After a week of using this product I have noticed my eczema clearing up.
(This is a current picture of my eczema on my hand. I know it looks bad to non-eczema sufferers but my hand actually looks 'good' to me.)

For those of you that do not know about Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion:

A Shielding Lotion is far more effective as a dry skin treatment than conventional moisturizing lotions or protective creams. If you suffer from dry skin, you know that just using a moisturizing lotion doesn't solve the problem. A shielding lotion does much more than just treat dry skin – it’s a new kind of skin care product that makes a real difference to all skin types.

Skin MD Natural™ is promptly absorbed, without the slightest hint of any greasy or oily feeling or residue, transforming the outer layer of skin into a hydrating invisible shield.

Important Facts about Skin MD Natural:

  • No animal products or testing
  • Dermatology tested
  • Fragrance and colorant free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Paraben free
  • Non-comedogenic
Skin MD unconditionally guarantees that you will love their product or they will give you your money back.

Why are they so certain?

According to their site:

"We have researched and developed this formula for more than 5 years. Part of that research was finding the products that had the best proven statistics for solving dry skin, psoriasis, eczema and contact dermatitis problems. One product we found was consistently getting a 95 - 98% approval rating from their customers."

Where can I buy Skin MD Natural?

Note: Skin MD Natural is currently placing their products in more than 50 new pharmacies each week.
Still not convinced enough to purchase a bottle?
Then try a sample first.
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