CVS on a Ten Dollar Budget

Today I didn't do too well. I used two cards, mine and my husbands. I hate doing it, it's just too confusing. (I have to blame my bad week on something) It's easier if he's with me to buy his own stuff. Some weeks I do great and others I do OK, guess that's how it goes. Hey, but this week I think I'll try Walgreens. I'll let you know how I do. Who knows I may add Walgreens on a Ten Dollar Budget.
Okay here are my purchases:

Trans #1
2- Act Mouthwash $3.79 ea (2/$1.00 Q's)

-ECB from last week $3.99
=$1.59 OOP
Earned $4.00 ECB

Trans #2
2-Crest Toothpaste $2.88 ea (2/.75 Q's)
1-Edge $2.89
1-Adidas Deodorant $2.50 ($1.00 Q)

-Q's ($3.50)
= $8.65
-$4.00 ECB from Trans #1
=$4.65 OOP
Earned $8.89 ECB ($4 Crest, $2.89 for Edge, $2 for Adidas)

Trans #3
2- Maxwell Coffee $4.89 BOGO

Total $4.89
-$4.00 ECB from trans #2
= .89 OOP

Trans #4 (used my husbands card)
1- Act Mouthwash $3.79 ($1.00 Q)
2- Crest Toothpaste $2.88 ea (2/$1.00 Q's)
1-Edge $2.89

-Q's $3.00)
-$5.00 ECB he had left and $5.00 from W/S ECB
=0 OOP
Earned $8.89 ECB

Trans #5
4- Boxes GM Cereal $4/$10 (2/$1 Q's)
1- Gallon Milk $2.79

Total $12.79
-$2 Q's
-$8.89 Q's
=$1.90 OOP
Earned $2.00 ECB

Totals for the Day
Totals- $48.85
$9.03 OOP (a little more than I normally spend but I got the cereal, milk, and coffee I needed)
ECB's left $6.89


Ashley Pichea [] said...

I actually did better than I had hoped/expected this week! :)

T#1: Edge @ $2.89+tax... used $2ECB, paid $.95 OOP, earned $2.89ECB

T#2: Used $4/$20 Beauty coupon... 6 Tresemme styling products $20 minus 6 $1 coupons, used $8.88ECb, paid $1.62 OOP, earned $10ECB

T#3: Used $5/$25 coupon (scanned card)... 2 Aveeno baby sunscreens $9 and 1 Aveeno lotion $7 minus 3 $2 coupons, used $10ECB, paid $4.70OOP, earned $10ECB

(I started with $7.99ECB from last week.)

I didn't do so well at Walgreens, since they were COMPLETELY out of all the items I went to get.

Juanita said...

Hi Ashley, Great Job. I totally forgot about the Tresemme until I got home, then I could of kicked myself. Well I'm glad you did well.

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