Happy Easter

Hope everyone is having a Great Day. Easter is so much fun for small children. When my kids were little, I would bake and let them help me decorate the cookies, cupcakes, cake or what ever it was I baked for the occasion. Although they made a huge mess they loved helping. I don't have any little ones around, all my grandchildren live in California but I decided to do a little baking.
Pictured are my Easter cupcake baskets. These are fun to make and your kids are sure to love them. I decorated one for each of my grandchildren.
I baked my cupcakes as usual, then I added green food coloring to my frosting, added jelly beans on top and used licorice as my handles.
Have a Great Easter
from The Frugalicious Team,
Frugal Mama and CVSer


Betty said...

These are cute. Thanks for sharing them. Happy Easter.

Juanita said...

Betty, Thanks for dropping by. Have a Great Evening

Country Mouse, City Mouse said...

Very cute, and they look pretty tasty too!!

Virginia said...

I agree, Mom! Wish I lived close by :(
Thanks Pam for visiting The Frugalicious Mommy. Hope you had a great Easter!

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