How Clean is Your Cell Phone? (CLOSED)

Everyday we hold our cell phones next to our face oblivious to the fact that it is covered with germs! A recent study by researchers at the University of Arizona found that the average cell phone is much dirtier than a toilet seat, with cell phones averaging 25,000 germs per square inch. Can we say ewwww?!

Since buying my iPhone it has been attached to me! I use my iPhone everyday to check emails, use the Internet, make/receive calls, send text messages, play games & much more! Daily my 2 year old son covers my iPhone with fingerprints & dirt while playing with the Whoopie Cushion App. :) Whenever I see his little fingerprints on it I usually clean the screen with my shirt, sweater, or whatever is nearby. I guess I do it out of habit because I always end up with the same result: more smudges! Hmmm is there a product that can be used to safely clean cell phones???

Well lucky for us a very smart lady named Jessica Pohlkamp created Celly Smellys!

Celly Smellys are the first LCD safe cleaning wipe for electronics infused with fresh, clean fragrance including Smelly Berry, Smelly Melon and Smelly Colada. Celly Smellys are LCD safe for all devices and touch screens. They come in a convenient zipper lock package to preserve freshness and add value to your purchase by keeping your wipes fresh! Celly Smellys remove the dirt and grime where germs may reside leaving your personal electronic devices sparkling clean and smelling great!

I tried the Smelly Berry on my iPhone and loved how quick it cleaned my phone. With one swipe of the wipe my iPhone was left with absolutely no streaks & smells yummy. The delightful smell is can't help but sniff your phone but please don't lick it! Haha!

I currently have Smelly Melon & Smelly Colada up for grabs. I love this product so much & I'm quite sure you will too.
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Diane said...

I learned that Celly Smellys are the first portable, one-step electronics cleaning system on the market infused with fresh, clean fragrance.

Diane said...

I follow you on twitter:


Diane said...

I tweeted:

katie klein said...

I leaned that it helps protect you from bacteria that can be living on your electronics.

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