Tip-a-licious Thursday

I know most of you are have started or are looking forward to starting your spring cleaning. Okay so, we don't really look forward to it but it has to be done. I recently read an article that had some good tips and most of which I generally use. I'm including this list in hopes it will help some of you with your spring cleaning.

1. Room by Room-Spread out your cleaning over several days. Clean one room at a time, this allows for a more thorough cleaning. This way you have time to clean from top to bottom, use duster with extender to clean ceilings to ensure there are no cobwebs, clean out drawers, closets, baseboards, etc..

2. Use containers-These are great tools and come in so many sizes and colors. You can use these to separate your items into categories, making it easier to clean up after each use especially for children.

3. Make a List- I can't stress how important this is. Make your to do list prior to starting and cross out completed projects as you go. This gives you some kind of schedule and also a good feeling as you see your to do list dwindle down. If its written down you tend to stay more focused on what needs to be done and when it need to be done by.

4. Turn it up- The stereo that is. I find that it makes it a lot more fun when you can sing and move to the beats. Hey, you can even get a little exercise out of it.

5. Recruit help- Sure kids aren't always excited about helping but if you give them some chores it sure does help. I don't have any small children anymore but when my daughter was little I would have her clean baseboards. Did she enjoy it? NO, in fact she hated it but it was a big help for me. Just remember to only give them task that they can do otherwise you'll end up having to do it over again.

6. Invest in a carrying container- You know something that you can put your cleaners in and carry around with you. Put all your cleaning sprays, furniture polish, rags, anything you will need to complete your cleaning project. I do this so I don't have to go back and forth to get the different cleaners I need.

7. Set your start date and time- I always set a start and finish date. Sometimes I'm able to start tomorrows project today.

8. Most of all don't deviate from your plan or date. It's okay to do more on one day but not less, always complete your projects assigned for that day otherwise you'll fall behind schedule, get discouraged and might not finish.

I feel such a sense of accomplishment when I finish my entire list and I love a clean house. Well what are you waiting for, let's get started.

*If you would like to know how you can make your own household cleaners, click here.


Kelly said...

this is a great list! i always get overwhelmed when i have to clean so this will help. i'm going to print it out and put it up on my fridge.

Juanita said...

Hi Kelly,
Thanks for dropping by. I'm so glad this is something you'll be able to use. I love sharing ideas with others.

Amy said...

I found your blog and Love it. The spring cleaning list is EXACTLY what I needed! I feel the stress of spring cleaning already starting to melt away.


Juanita said...

Amy, Thanks for dropping by. Most of us do feel overwhelmed with our huge cleaning list. But no worries just plan it out and stick to it. You'll be done in no time. Less stress and a clean home. So happy this helps.

MoodyMommy said...

What great tips!!! I am printing those out!!

Stopping by from the Mom Bloggers Club...FollowMe group...

Juanita said...

Thanks for dropping by and glad these tips help. By the way love your name, that is so me.....

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