Tip-a-licious Thursday

Do you love eating out but are worried about gaining weight? Did you know that most restaurants have healthy choices on their menus? If you ever find yourself at a restaurant that does not offer a healthy choice menu-DON'T WORRY just use these tips:

Do the Research

If many of your meals come from fast food restaurants, you will need to do some research. Go online and visit the websites of the fast food restaurants in your area. Many fast food restaurants have nutrition guides that will tell you the fat and calories of their menu items. Take time to view each nutrition guide and study the foods that you usually pick. Many times you may think you're making healthy choices, but you're not. Once you do your research, you will have a better understanding of which items are healthy choices.

Always Know Your Options
Once you have done your research, you can either write down the foods that are healthy choices or you can also print out the nutrition guides and keep them in your car. The next time you visit your favorite fast food restaurant, you'll be able to make healthy choices.

Avoid Calorie Filled Salads
Many people visiting fast food restaurants choose salads thinking they are making a healthy choice. Unfortunately, they usually aren't making a healthy choice. Many salads are now covering in pieces of fried chicken, cheese, bacon, and high calorie dressing. The next time you order a salad, choose grilled chicken with a low-fat dressing.

Choose Health Conscious Restaurants

There are fast food restaurants that are built around the principle of serving healthy meals. One of those places is Subway. At Subway you can find subs that are low in fat and calories. You can also find baked potato chips and whole grain chips.

Avoid Soft Drinks
Even when you choose diet soft drinks, it may be hard to find decaffeinated drinks. When you go to a fast food restaurant, it's best to choose water. You can make healthy choices when it comes to food and then ruin your calorie intake by choosing the wrong soft drinks.

Substitute High Calorie Condiments

You may think you're making a healthy choice by choosing a grilled chicken sandwich, but many of these sandwiches have mayonnaise which makes them high in calories and fat. When you order sandwiches ask them to leave off the mayonnaise. You can then request packs of honey mustard for a grilled chicken sandwich or ketchup and mustard for hamburgers.

Choose Grilled Rather than Fried Foods
You may think that any meal with chicken is a healthy choice, but you'd be wrong. When you choose chicken nuggets, you're actually consuming more calories than if you had chosen a hamburger. The best thing to do is choose grilled chicken rather than fried, and avoid fatty condiments.

Choose Healthier Sides
Many fast food restaurants will now allow you to choose healthier sides. This means you can choose chili or a baked potato instead of fries. This is a much healthier choice than French fries. If you don't have the option to choose, you may want to purchase a sandwich and a small salad instead of a combo.

Always remember that one of the key ways to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight is through portion control! A great resturaunt that offers tasty food and healthy choices is Chili's, who has what is called the Guiltless Grill. The Guiltless Grill gives you more choices for your healthy lifestyle. All items are under 750 calories, 25 grams of fat and 8 grams of saturated fat. Served with steamed seasonal veggies and Parmesan cheese.

Would like to try out the Guiltless Grill?
Leave a comment telling us about what you do or plan to do to stay healthy. (Make sure that we have a way to contact you)
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AudreyO said...

We do eat out a lot. Many of our restaurants have low calorie salad dressings. I also order chicken a lot. I often ask for steamed veggies instead of rice or potato. I almost never eat the bread. These are great tips for eating out and staying low on calorie intake.

Joy and Melissa said...

My husband loves to cook. We avoid almost any take out. We drink water, not cokes (that was hard to give up). Being Nurses we are able to maintain healthy food choices. We serve lots of veggies , and our girls love them.

Joy and Melissa said...

I subscribe to your blog/newsletter madly59 onlyjoy1959@yahoo.com

Joy and Melissa said...

I follow you on twitter and will RT! Nice easy contest .. Thanks! madly59 onlyjoy1959@yahoo.com

Tiff said...

We always get water when we eat out and I do try to get something healthy.

Tamara B. said...

I plan on eating more lean meat, fish,vegetables,fresh fruit and watch my sodium intake.

Michelle said...

I love the guiltless platters at Chilis! (We all secretly call them the gut-less platters) haha.

Let's see ... to be more healthy ... this is something I always PLAN to do ... easier said than done.

I commit to drinking more water, eating 5 fruits and veggies daily, and trying to NOT eat so many goodies at night.

I can be contacted at mbjenson@msn.com or www.famjenson.blogspot.com - just leave a comment should I WIN!!!

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