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When my children were small, we would do a lot of arts and crafts projects. I'm not sure who had more fun them or me. Well one project we did was made bar soaps. Each made their own unique bar. They made them in different colors, scents, and shapes.

***Parents please be sure to watch little ones as the soap is very hot***
I did the melting and pouring, they just added the scents, coloring and any additional items they wanted in there

Melt & pour soap is a great way for a beginner to make soap at home. Since the soap part is already made, you avoid handling lye.

What you'll need:
1. Melt & pour soap (you can get this at Hobby Lobby, Michaels or any craft store)
2. Essential oils or blends for scent (I used a Rose scent)
3. herbs or food colouring for colour & texture (oatmeal, cinnamon powder etc.)
4. Saucepan
5. Molds - chocolate molds, milk cartons, really any small flexible container. You can line anything with plastic as well. Or you can get molds at the craft store
6. Various utensils (cutting board, knife, spoon etc)

The basic instructions are as follows:
1. Cut up the melt & pour soap in small chunks. The smaller they are, the faster they will melt.
2. Put the soap in the saucepan (put the lid on) set on your stove burner at low heat (gas range is not recommended - use your microwave instead - short bursts & check frequently)
3. Once the soap has melted, and stir well to make sure everything has mixed. Try to not introduce any bubbles, but if your soap is hot enough (and liquid enough) they will rise to the top before you pour into the molds).
4. Let the soap sit with the heat off and the lid on for a few minutes, then pour into molds. If you have added things that tend to settle to the bottom, and you want it to be more evenly distributed, then wait until the soap thickens as it cools, stir carefully and only then pour the soap into the molds.
If you are making several I would pour each into their own molds then add the coloring, scent, etc.. and gently stir into each. Or if you are using the same scent and colors mix in pot then pour into molds and add their trinkets into each individual one. What ever is easier for you.
(We used different things like satin rose petals with rose scent, one of my children added green food coloring and added an army man) Just let them get creative.
5. Leave the molds until the soap has set completely. There is nothing more frustrating when the soap is still liquid in the center when you try to pop it out of the mold! Try not to be impatient.
6. Remove from the mold and enjoy. If your soap needs to be persuaded to leave the mold, you may put the whole thing into the freezer for a few minutes and see if that helps. You can also try oiling the mold to see if that helps.


Kathy @ couponchic said...

What a neat treat for the kids to do!
Thanks for such a neat post...my kids will LOVE it!
(maybe they'll be excited about taking a bath now!)


Juanita said...

Kathy, thanks for dropping by. Yeah, my kids had a lot of fun with it. They did enjoy bath time a little more since they were able to use the soap they made.

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