Domino's Pizza

Despite all the controversy due to a YouTube video showing two employees doing disgusting things to the food...I still eat there! I have come to learn that ALL restaurant chains have problems but this does not mean it occurs at EVERY location.
Pizza is a cheap lunch, dinner, & maybe on a lazy day-breakfast :) Today just so happens to be a lazy day for me, so I ordered pizza for the kids and I. I don't know how many of you have tried their Bread Bowl Pasta but if you haven't you are missing out! I am in love with the Chicken Alfredo & the Italian Sausage Marinara Bread Bowl. At first they seem small but they are definitely filling (I can never finish the whole thing). Anyway, they have a great online coupon:
Once you have entered your address, look for the coupon titled
Congratulations! You just got a FREE Domino's BreadBowl Pasta(TM) with your Pizza Purchase
Choose your pizza & topping(s) then choose your pasta and you're done.
*Note: A large 1-topping pizza cost $11.99

I also used the coupon code: SWEET for a free 8-piece of Cinna Stix

For 1 large pizza, 1 bread bowl pasta, & 1 order of Cinna Stix--it totaled $11.99 before tax & delivery charge. How great is that?! So if you're feeling lazy, order Domino's pizza! I'm not sure how long this offer lasts so try it out soon.


AudreyO said...

I haven't eaten Dominoes in so long. We live in a college area and so we have tons of pizza choices here. I have a few favorites, always thin crust :)

Virginia said...

I prefer the traditional crust because thin crust makes me think of crackers. :) I guess because its so thin and crispy. Gosh, pizza is so yummy!

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