Get $75 worth of Domino's American Legends(TM) Pizzas FREE

I received an email from Domino's titled: Learn how you can get $75 worth of Domino's American Legends(TM) Pizzas FREE.

"There is nothing better than experiencing the tastes you crave with the people you enjoy...especially when those tastes have been put onto

a pizza!

The NEW Domino's American Legends™ are six inspired pizzas that have a perfect combination of premium toppings and a mouth-watering cheesy crust, the stuff legends are made of.

If selected as a host for a Domino's American Legends™ House Party, your party will be able to experience all of the great premium varieties: Honolulu Hawaiian, Cali Chicken Bacon Ranch™, Pacific Veggie, Memphis BBQ Chicken, Philly Cheese Steak, and Buffalo Chicken.

On June 20th, invite your friends over and have them bring their appetite for adventure. Get set to explore the extraordinary taste of the NEW Domino's American Legends™ pizzas. Prepare for a cross-country trip delivered to your door!"

If selected as a House Party host, you will...
  • Receive a $75 gift card towards the purchase of the Domino's American Legends™ pizzas
  • Have a great pizza spread that your family and friends will talk about all summer long
  • Get a host party package with product coupons and gifts for you and your friends
  • Go to to send invites, post photos and plan your party

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