Trim Down Thursday (Closed)

I have tried diet after diet, you name it I've tried it and finally decided I would just eat right. Well for months I have tried to eat healthy and lose a little weight. Needless to say I haven't done very well, as a matter of fact the weight just keeps coming.

Well GREAT news, the wonderful people at RightSize are giving me several of their products to review. I can't tell you how excited I am to start my six week program.

I'm sure many of you have seen the commercial for their RightSize Smoothies. RightSize uses a meal replacement strategy. Each smoothie contains over 50% of over 20 essential vitamins and minerals, helps keep the hunger cravings down and helps metabolize calories and fat. What more could you ask for???

Okay, so how much do I weigh? Well, join us next week for Trim Down Thursday when I will reveal my current weight, measurements and pictures. YIKES! I can't believe I'm going to share this with everyone, not even my husband knows my weight. I will have weekly progress reports every Thursday, so I can share my success with all of you.

At the end of my six weeks we will have a giveaway compliments of RightSize. (Stay tuned to find out what we will be giving away) Also we will have mini giveaways each week during my six week program, compliments of Frugalicious Mommy.

As they say everyone has a right size. Let RightSize help you find yours, they're helping me find mine. You can visit them @ or on Twitter: @RightSize

*-*-*Congrats to icefairy! *-*-*

Let's start our 1st mini giveaway: Win a $10 CVS Giftcard!

To Enter:

Visit RightSize then leave us a comment telling us one thing you learned about the company/products

Leave us one fitness tip

Extra Entries:
  • Follow @FrugaliciousMom & @RightSize on Twitter
  • Retweet about this giveaway on Twitter (Once per day/Please add @FrugaliciousMom & @RightSize in your tweets.)
The giveaway starts today (5/28) and ends on Thursday (6/4) at 7:00AM (PST)


Ashley said...

thanks for the headsup via email! i'm allover this one - free CVS money is always welcome at my house!

fitness tip... drink LOTS of water... and use an exercise ball as a chair - i like to fold laundry while sitting on mine - bending, twisting, and reaching while keep balanced... a great no-work workout!

Yona said...

I am interested in seeing what it tastes like and if it works.

Fitness tip: Stay consistent, but don't overdo it - you still need to give your body a rest and allow your muscles to recuperate. Plus, do any exercise the 'right' way or you risk doing something for nothing.

lisainkc said...

Always warm up before you do your workouts. Stretch and go slowly at first.

Keonte' said...

RightSize® is light in texture and comes in 4 delicious flavors.

icefairy said...

I learned that RightSize has 4 delicious flavors-all containing Appemine® - an all natural, fat and calorie burning, appetite manager. Thanks for the giveaway and good luck with your program.
beatspammer at gmail dot com

Mandy said...

One fitness tip for you :) Eat breakfast every day! May not sound like a fitness tip, but breakfast is FUEL and super important at keeping your metabolism going!! :)

lisainkc said...

Exercise bands or even cans of soup are great easy ways to exercise and not have to have a bunch of equipment with you while you exercise. The bands offer great resistance and for those who are just trying to build some arm strength - a can of soup is just about the right size to do some great arm exercises :)

lisainkc said...

Water exercise is my favorite type of exercise. You feel so buoyant in the water and you are able to move so freely in the water. You do not have nearly the amount of pain as you have when you are doing the same exercises on land and you can feel the resistance of the water working with you. It is fantastic exercise and really tones your body.

ShaRhonda said...

This is gonna be fun! I want a case of Right Start Now! Can't wait to see your results, good for you! 4 delicious flavors and taste good!

norabegood said...

Be sure to eat lots of high volume, low cal foods to keep feeling full, but not a lot of calories, ie carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, celery, cukes, broccoli and cauliflower.

mistyann13 said...

Appemine® seems to be the key ingredient.

Tip - Protein is very important when considering what to eat when attempting weight helps increase your metabolism, so that you burn more even when you're resting.

Michelle M said...

Fitness tip: watch your portions when you're eating! Most people overeat at every meal. Eat smaller portions, and you will still discover that you're full later. Then the food won't sit in your stomach as long.

icefairy said...

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throuthehaze said...

fitness tip: do a warmup to loosen up your muscles and do a cool down as it prevents injury by allowing a slow return of your heart

Lisa said...

I cant wait to see the results, Fitnness tip eat after the workout your body is still burning then!

icefairy said...

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Marie said...

A fitness tip -- drink plenty of water, eat in moderation, and whenever possible fit in more walking!

icefairy said...

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