TykeLight GloMate Review

Do you have to fight with your child to go to sleep because they are scared of the dark?
My 2 year old son, Jae'Sun, was so terrified of the dark (even with his old night light) that he would get up on turn on his light. Sometimes I would catch the light on and would have to sneak in his room to turn it off, other times his light would stay on all night. Ugh...talk about a waste of electricity. I even had a problem with him unplugging & plugging in his night light. YIKES!
Thank the heavens above that I found the TykeLight GloMate by Mobi!
The TykeLight GloMate is:
  • Heat-free
  • Rechargable (Holds charge for up to 10 hours)
  • Dimmer mode (Gently fades over 15 mins. from bright to off)
  • Auto On when removed from charging base
  • Easy to clean Soft-Touch surface
  • Safe & Durable - Impact Resistant Plastic
  • Fits easily in children's hands
  • The Tykelight GloMate costs $24.99 & the TykeLight Jr. (which runs on 3 AAA batteries) costs $12.99. Recommended for ages 2 & up.

    I love this night light so much because it is portable and kid-friendly. Jae'Sun calls it his "buddy" and is soothed by the fact that he can hold his night light in bed. He also loves the Multi Mode which cycles through all the colors, so it's kind of like a light show in his bed. How cool is that?! My son now has Vegas in his bed--ok not really but that was my first thought when I said 'light show.' :)

    If you would like to see my vlog on this product, please click here.

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