Fitness Friday-Week 3

Ok here I am in week 3 & yet I don't feel very fit. Maybe this is all due to the fact that I'm pregnant & no matter what I do I gain weight! Even when I eat healthy I still manage to gain weight...hmm. For example, on Wednesday I stepped on the scale to find out that I had gained 1.5 pounds overnight. How that heck does that happen?

I have been struggling with my cravings because I ALWAYS crave fast food, but the thought of my husband returning from deployment to an oompa loompa wife keeps me from eating it. So I try to eat balanced meals containing protein to keep me full & I drink as much water as I can (only to pee it out in 5 minutes when my daughter decides to karate kick my bladder!) No matter what I do it seems like any thoughts of eating "bad" food makes me gain weight! --> Which brings me to another issue: I always feel fat & faaaaaaaaaaaaar from sexy. However everytime I tell someone that I feel huge, they tell me "Oh stop! You're pregnant." I swear that phrase is so annoying because they tell me as if I don't already know. Even though I'm pregnant I still feel huge & I know for a fact that all the weight I have gained is NOT all baby (it's actually old baby fat topped off with NEW baby fat)!

With all my mixed feelings about my body I have managed to find some comfort in EA Sports Active. I started my 30 Day Challenge on Monday & OMG it kicked my butt! Yesterday was my rest day & after I finish this post I will be doing my workout for the day :) I set my challenge on medium (low intensity is too easy) & I modify ANY workouts that may be a little too much for my pregnant body. I think I am going to follow Jenn's idea & use my Wii Fit on my rest days to get an aerobic exercise. Please note that even though I feel huge, that does NOT mean that I am in any way trying to lose weight! I use EA Sports Active to get in shape which in return will give me more energy (to keep up with my 9 yr old & 2 yr old) and will help me bounce back faster after baby is born (at least I'm hoping it will)!

Before I end this post to go workout, I would like to thank Jenn (from The Coupon Coup) because she was kind enough to choose me as a workout buddy & provide me with my new EA Sports Active! We are perfect workout buddies because we are both pregnant with baby #3 & we both are super motivated to get fit!
However, I must comment on something she said in her 6/5/09 post:
"She and I are sharing many similarities in our pregnancies...both pregnant with #3 ... we are due just weeks apart from each other... and we both love our wii fits! The difference, I believe, is that she looks pretty in shape to me!!"

Oh no no no! LOL. I am far from "in shape" and besides you look great & you have gained close to nothing compared to me! No worries though...we have EA Sports Active to help us get in shape :)

I look forward to reading everyone's updates/progress! Visit you soon!


Trish said...

You are doing a fabulous job! Your body thanks you! :)

Bailey (Makeover Momma) said...

I feel for you! I am also pregnant, and feel like I gain weight no matter WHAT I do (I literally could eat the same or less than pre-preg, and scale would still go up)! I guess we need to just keep plugging along and doing our best to stay healthy! : )

Unknown said...

I did a little Active with Jenn to see how her preggo body could handle it and found that she can really stay active and keep her arms in shape by customizing her own workout that would involve certain arm and dance workouts. I'm excited to see you got a copy of the product! YAY!

Virginia said...

Thank you for all the kind comments & motivation! I'm trying my hardest to stay active! I love Wii Mommies!

I am going to confess something: TODAY I am going to eat McDonalds :) Lol. I rarely eat out when hubby is away, so tonight the kids & I are going to enjoy it.

Thanks for stopping by The Frugalicious Mommy

Colleen said...

So glad Jenn and you are able to connect. Hopefully you both can work through not feeling like you are fit/sexy. Keep up the great work working out and staying healthy. I am sure you body will appreciate it while you are in labor and have more endurance.

The 4-Crows Blog said...

keep it up girl, I am so proud of you and so is that baby girl, (think of it like this, maybe she is just mimicing those kickboxing moves) lol!

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