Fitness Friday-Week 3

Well it has been yet another bad week for me due to the fact that fatigue has returned! I will be 26 weeks pregnant on Saturday & boy have I been exhausted. I managed to squeeze in EA Sports Active once this week, however, I will be working out tomorrow + I'm going swimming.

On a good not my weight has dropped from 159 to 156.5! I have been suffering from sporadic nausea (ugh...morning sickness at 26 weeks?!)so this is probably the cause for my weight loss. in addition to that I have been loading up on veggies & fruit. Although I feel bad for not working out that much this week, I have been busy doing other activities that have kept me active.

That pretty much sums my week up. I feel like such a lazy blob for not working out much BUT my body is telling me to sleep, so sleep I must do! :)

Hope everyone had a better week than me!

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Colleen said...

sometimes you gotta do what your body is telling you...and if you haven't been able to keep your food(fuel for your energy) down...then of course you are going to have less energy to do things! Hope the nausea is better soon!

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