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When special occasions are approaching I absolutely HATE searching for the "perfect" gift! I know I am not the only one who gets tired of buying the same crap: gift cards, clothes, & etc. Back in May I entered a giveaway to win a piece of artwork from MyGeneImage but prior to finding this giveaway I had no clue who or what My Gene Image was.

For those of you that have never heard of them:
(From their website)
MyGeneImage turns part of your DNA into a highly personalized Art. The inner beauty of you and your genetic code is revealed to you in a form of Art. We are offering a kind of self-exploration that was not available five years ago. Your Artwork is designed to be displayed at your home or office to impress and inspire yourself, as well as to captivate and enthrall your guests into exploring their own genetic origins.
The creation of the Artwork starts with the collection of your cheek cells. We then extract the DNA from your cells and purify it. Using specific probes, the next part of the process ends up being that we find the gene you desired to create in your DNA Art. Once your DNA has been found, amplified and sequenced, we print it on exquisite canvas or engrave it into timeless crystal.

After researching MyGeneImage, I was amazed by how unique & cool their artwork is. Who would have thought that your DNA could be turned into beautiful pieces of artwork?! What I like most their artwork is that you know NO ONE will have one exactly like yours (well unless they somehow steal your DNA Sample.)

The myArtwork is gorgeous - You can chose between different colors & designs! There is also something called myCrystal, which will display your gene & photo in a beautiful crystal. Now you may be wondering about prices, right?
The myArtwork can cost anywhere between $120-499 depending on the size. The myCrystal can cost between $149-299 depending on shape selection.

Now I know the price may be turning you away but keep in mind that this artwork is one of a kind!

Of course The Frugalicious Mommy team have a few tips for you on how to get a discount!

First, MyGeneImage offers a digital print of their artwork ($120) which provides you with a digital format that you can download. After downloading the digital format, you can use a company called Canvas Press to turn your photo into a canvas art print! They have a variety of prices/sizes - all of which are inexpensive.

Second, you can become a fan of MyGeneImage on Facebook (here) and receive a 10% discount. Or you can follow MyGeneImage on Twitter (here) and @MyGeneImage asking them about a discount code & they will DM you a special Twitter code.

Stop buying the same old gifts & check out MyGeneImage today!


Robin H. said...

That is one of the coolest things I've ever seen! Thanks for telling everyone about it!

Virginia said...

No problem! Great company....great products--we couldn't wait to spread the word :)

Thank you for stopping by The Frugalicious Mommy!

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