Personalize Your Phone with a Coveroo!

I bet your asking yourself what is a Coveroo?
Well ask no more, it's a cover that personalizes the back of your phone, MP3 player, or gaming device. No not a sticker! Coveroos are unique because they start with a back cover that is identical to the one you know and love. Then they use state of the art lasers and machines to transfer your chosen design to the cover. No worries because Coveroos offer you the same quality and durability of the cover that came with your phone.

Coveroo was nice enough to send me one of my own to review. I choose the Cow Girl Chick from the Tattoo Johnny collection. I picked this one because it fits me, I'm a CHL instructor by day and I thought this one was so cute. Best of all it won't peel or rub off. Choose from over 1,000 designs, from the NBA or Marvel superheroes to Garfield, The Simpsons or Star Trek. You can also choose from unique designs or upload your own!

The whole process is simple! You choose your design, then choose your brand/model of phone, & BAM you're done...well after you purchase it of course! When you receive it, simply remove your old backing and replace with your Coveroo. Looks great and fits perfect.

Try it out for yourself!
Head on over to Coveroo & use the coupon code: FRUGALCOVEROO to get $3 off your purchase of a Coveroo.

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