CVS on a Ten Dollar Budget

This week CVS has some BTS (Back to School) items that I wanted to get. I didn't need or want much more, well I did pick up a couple more items but nothing much. You can do this in several transactions to keep your OOP lower or buy all together if you have ECB you can rollover. Really I had done so much shopping over the weekend, I was just shopped out. I rolled and rolled and rolled my $10 Kroger GC over so many times, everyone is going to be bouncing off the walls because we have so many AMP Energy drinks. Read Fridays post to check out a small sample of what I bought. I wanted to see how many times I could do it, it's endless - NO LIMIT. I had to finally give in.

Trans # 1
2-Filler Paper $2.00 ea
2-PaperMate Pens $.99 ea
2-Memo Pads .99 ea

Total $7.96
-$2.00 ECB
=$5.96+ .49 Tax
=$6.45 OOP
Earned $7.96 ECB

Trans #2
2-Binders $3.00
1-Pack Pencils $1.99

Total $7.99
Used $7.96 ECB
Earned $7.99 ECB

Trans #3
1-Huggies Wipe Tub $ 3.49 (.75 Q + $2 CRT)
1-Duracell Battery $2.99 ($1.50 Q)
1-Pantyliner .89
1-Pack Pencils $1.99
1-Hersey Bar .89

Total $10.25
-Q's $4.25
Used $6.00 ECB
Earned $3.88 ECB

Total Purchases $26.20
Total OOP $6.45
Total ECB left $5.87


Brandy said...

I have no idea what some of these acronyms mean but it sounds really cool to save that much money. Thumbs up!

Virginia said...

I'm sorry. Here are a few acronyms that you will find on our site:
B1G1 or BOGO = Buy one get one free
ECB/EB = Extra care bucks
MIR = Mail In Rebate
OOP = Out Of Pocket

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