Fitness Friday-Week 4

Unfortunately I have experienced yet another week of very little EA Sports Active. No, it's not because I've been lazy or slacking off! I have been experiencing slight cramping & LOTS of back pain. Luckily I have been told by my midwife not to worry unless I have some type of fluid leakage or 6 contractions in 2 hours.

With that said, I have been taking it easy this week & have been drinking lots of water to avoid any contractions that may be due to dehydration. I weigh 157.5 lbs - which makes me very happy because at my last OB appointment (about 5 weeks ago) I weighed 155.

I hope everyone else is doing well. Wish I could be more active but my baby is my first priority!


Unknown said...

Oh, no way woman! Just be fit any way you can, don't strain yourself! I'm not going anywhere near my wii, I'm just walkin' my health back!

Colleen said...

Definitly take it easy!!!

Virginia said...

Thank you ladies. I've been feeling better & I also have a OB appt on Wed. I will be talking with my Midwife about working out & what she thinks I should do or NOT do. Hopefully she says I can work out cause my scale just told me I weigh 159. YIKES...DAMN hamburgers, mac & cheese, & baked beans!

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