Fitness Friday

I going to be honest with all of you...yes, I have been slacking off with working out BUT for valid reasons:
1) I had cramping & discomfort, so I consulted my Midwife! She gave me the okay to start working out again :)
2) My daughter caught (gulp) head lice. Luckily she was the only one infected in our house.
3) My husband's ship finally set sail & I had to adjust to no phone calls & very few emails. :(

So anyway, after my appt on 7/8/09 I was in such a great mood because I had learned that I only gained 1 pound since my previous appt (6 week prior). However, that was short lived when I received a voicemail from the school nurse who informed me that I needed to pick my child up because she had head lice....Can we say ewww?! I know I went overboard by completely disinfecting my home by washing EVERYTHING & vacuuming EVERYDAY! The whole disinfecting fiasco definitely cut into my workout time because by the time I was done with doing my daily chores, I was exhausted & an emotional wreck. So now that all of that is over (thank god) I am now working out again.

My diet has been poor due to the fact that I have been completely exhausted & eating "bad" is easy. LOL. I am trying to get back on the ball, so bear with me. I had way too many rest days in my 30 Day Challenge - soooo I had to start over. To avoid any strain that might cause cramping I have decided to decrease the intensity to low. Another change I have made is to add light weight training using the following schedule:

Weeks 1-3
Do 3 sets of 10-12 Reps
Friday-Active Rest


Colleen said...

Glad your cramping didnt last for long! Sorry about your daughter..I can understand you going overboard...I have done the whole disinfecting the whole house, washing hair and checking and we havent even endedup having it here(my stepdaughters have 2x right after visitting). It is good to be thorough as they can sometimes be difficult to get rid of especially for girls with their long hair and liking to be head to head with each other.

anyways..good luck on your new workout routine and hope all the cramping stays away!

Virginia said...

Thank you for your comment. :)
Yeah it was a rough week of lots of cleaning but we are finally done. Yippie! Hope it never happens again!

I'm glad to finally be working out again! Thanks a bunch for stopping by :)

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