Tasty Tuesday

Here's a nice refreshing dish. My mom gave me this recipe.
Today on the menu is Cashew Chicken Pasta Salad.


1- Package Spiral Pasta (16 oz)
4- Cups of Cooked Chicken (cut into cubes)
1 1/2 Cup Sliced Celery
1- Can of Pineapple (20 oz) crushed, drained
3/4- Cup Sliced Green Onion
1- Cup Seedless green Grapes
1- Cup Seedless Red Grapes
1- Package Dries Cranberries
1- Cup Ranch Dressing
3/4- Cup Mayo
2- Cup Cashews

Cook the pasta according to package. While this is cooking in a large bowl combine chicken, pineapple, celery, onions, grapes and cranberries. Drain the pasta and rinse. Add pasta to chicken mixture.
In a small bowl add ranch and mayo, mix well. Pour over chicken mixture and toss well. Cover
and refrigerate for about an hour. Prior to serving stir in cashews.

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