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Have you ever heard of Homecoming Mums?
We all know everything's bigger in Texas. Leave it to someone here to come up with these elaborate corsages known as homecoming mums. I had never heard of these until my sons were in high school.

My son told me he needed to buy a mum for his girlfriend. Okay, I'm thinking we needed to go to the florist and buy a flower. HAHA! He took me to this place that specializes in "Mums". Needless to say I was quite surprised that anyone would actually wear that thing and the fact that it had to be big, frilly, and have lots of embellishments. I actually seen someone wearing one and the bottom of the mum was about to her knee. REALLY! We must of stayed in there for an hour just trying to pick out the accessories to add to it. So many options to choose from. When we finally had everything picked out, we gave our order to the nice lady and she gave me a nice total.

Months later I was walking around Hobby Lobby and noticed some ribbons, I thought to myself 'Hey I can make these.' So that's what I did, I bought all the stuff to make my own mum. You see the Mums aren't just for Homecoming, they can be used for Birthdays, graduations, Baby showers etc.. I made my daughter one for her Baby shower and I added straight pins on it. You may be wondering STRAIGHT PINS--why? Well so her guest could pin money on her Mum.

Actually I really sent it to her as a joke, because her and I never could understand why anyone would wear that huge thing. Now that I have been here for a while I guess I've grown accustomed to them. I've since improved my Mum skills but thought I'd share this picture of the one I sent my daughter. You can find the instructions online but keep in mind that they are just general instructions. You need to add your own touches to it, so get creative!

Here are a few links to help you out: click here or here


The 4-Crows Blog said...

I'll have to try and find pics of both my junior and senior "mums"! Yep, it must be a Southern Okie/Texas Football thing.....LOL!

Juanita said...

Send pics, we would love to see them. Thanks for dropping by Frugaliciousmommy and have a Great Day.

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