Trim Down Thursday

Well today is the day. It's been 6 weeks since I started my RightSize Weight Loss Program. I began on June 1st when I received all my products from the wonderful people at RightSize. I have been posting my weight loss results each Thursday and today I will reveal my total weight loss so far. I'm not at my RightSize yet but I'm well on my way. I will keep you updated on my progress.

I don't know about you but the older I get the harder it is to lose the weight, boy is it ever. I remember when I was in my twenties I could just think about dieting and the weight would fall off, AHHH those were the days. No worries though RightSize can help you lose those unwanted pounds.

RightSize made it easy, two tasty smoothies a day and one sensible dinner. It is so much easier when you don't have to worry about what to make. All I worry about is what flavor I'm going to have. It's great and I plan on continuing until I reach my RightSize, we all know what it is we just have to take that first step. So what are you waiting for, visit RightSize and let them help you find yours, the way they're helping me find mine.

Today one lucky reader won the RightSize Max Weight Loss Kit compliments of RightSize. Congratulations to Kristy and we wish you the best as you find your way to your RightSize. Keep us posted so we can post your progress. Thanks again to all of our readers for the wonderful comments and words of encouragement.

Before /After
June 1st
Weight: 206
Waist: 41"
Hips: 46"


Weight: 181
Waist: 38 1/2"
Hips: 43"

Here' s the Breakdown
Weight: 25 lbs
Waist: 2 1/2" Lost
Hips: 3" Lost


A Family Completed... said...

WOW Great job! You look great!

Colleen said...

Great job!!!

Virginia said...

I agree...Great Job, Mom! You look great!

Thank you ladies for stopping by The Frugalicious Mommy.

Joy and Melissa said...

Wow! Hawt! Lookin good! WTG! Am trying to keep up!

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