Celebrate Chocolate Cocoa Covered Almonds Review/Giveaway (Closed)

  • Have you ever tried to lose weight?
  • While you were trying to lose weight, did you feel sensuous - sexy?
  • When you were trying to lose weight, did you ever feel hungry?
  • A year after you were trying to lose weight, did you keep the weight off?
  • Would you like new answers to these questions?
  • Weight loss is about controlling your appetite. And cutting your cravings. When you do that, weight loss is a natural result.
  • When you lose weight steadily, naturally, and keep it off, you'll feel sexy again. In control of your appetite, you regain control of your life.
  • If trying to lose weight was difficult, discouraging, and ultimately unsuccessful a year later, then its time for you to do something different.
  • Satisfy your hunger. Control your appetite. Cut your cravings. With Celebrate Chocolates you'll eat less and succeed.
Recently we had the privilege to review this wonderful product called Celebrate Chocolate Cocoa Covered Almonds. Since I have my own weight loss program I'm doing, my husband did this review.

My husband requires products that take very little effort or time. He has struggled with his weight just like me. His problem is he loves to snack and loves sweets so this product is perfect for him! Frugal Dad ate a few of these twenty minutes before he ate and YES, it satisfied his hunger, and he ate less. He later had a few more "just because" he was craving sweets and it was right before bed. He loved the taste and his sweet tooth was satisfied. Well I couldn't resist I just had to try for myself, so the next day I had a few. WOW! When you first put it in your mouth they seem to just melt, making you completely forget that they will help control your appetite.

If you like almonds and chocolate, you will love these. The Chocolate Cocoa Covered Almonds start with a lightly roasted almond at the center. Each is then wrapped in the same Celebrate Premium Chocolate (73% Cocoa) that enlivens Celebrate Truffles, including omega-3/DHA and Nutritia 56 Whole Foods™. Finally, it is dusted with the rich, never bitter, rare blend of Columbian mountain and Guatemalan lowland cocoa.
(For nutritional complete nutritional facts visit Celebrate Chocolate Cocoa Covered Almonds)

Want to Try Some?

CelebrateLife Nurutrition is also offering our readers a 30% OFF Coupon for any purchase on Celebrate website. The coupon code is: 30NUTS

They has also offered to give one of our lucky readers a Chocolate Cocoa Covered Almond package of their own.

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If any of our readers would like to win a Celebrate product­ in addition to this giveaway, you can visit this page www.CelebrateLifeNutrition.com/contestand enter any of the 4-digit number. If you win, the result is presented right there and you can receive a FREE 12-box of Chocolate Truffles from CelebrateLifeNutrition.


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