Great Deals at Target

I took a trip to Target today and snagged everything above for only $1.63. Hopefully your Target will take more than one Target Q per transaction like mine. You can print the Q's here.

Here's how I did it:

1.17 lb of Apples $1.74 ($1/lb Target Q)

.83 lb of Sm Gala @ .82 ($1/lb Target Q, since it was less than a lb it was Free)

2-Pop Tarts $1.69 ea ($1/2 and 2/.75 Target Q's)

4-Tide Trial .97 ea (4/$1.00 Q's/cashier took these to .97 )

4-All Detergent Trial $1.02 ea (4/$1.00 Q's)

2-Cheerios $1.00 ea (2/$1.00 ea)

1-Pond's Facial Wipes .87 ($1 Q)

1.07 lb Bananas @ .58 (.50/lb Target Q)

2-Artisian Bread .99 ea (2/$1.00 Target Q's)

Total $19.33
-Q's $17.70
=$1.63 OOP

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Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

That's fantastic!! I love that adorable proud grin :)

We weren't making progress with the potty training fast enough, so I decided to wait until after baby #2 shows I will have a toddler (she's not quite 2 1/2) and a newborn in diapers for a little bit, but I'm hoping not for too long!

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