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I'm all about personalizing things! I also love things that stand out. I bought this super cute diaper bag with matching changing pad (Yes, it really is a diaper bag) at Spencer's.

Well what's a diaper bag without a cute baby wipe case?! I searched online & found a bunch of them on Etsy, but it's something anyone can make. I'm not knocking any Etsy users that are selling them...I'm simply saying that you can make it to fit your style. By all means if craft projects are not your forte, then check out some super cute ones here!

So onto the DIY baby wipe case. :) Here is my 1st one & although it's simple it beats looking at your standard Huggies wipe container. Right?
I found a simple tutorial on Craftster.org posted by ammasmama:

You will need-
  • travel wipes container
  • pencil and paper to trace a pattern from your container.
  • batting or something to pad the top.
  • fabric to cover top and bottom, and 52 inches of 1/2 inch wide braided trim, for a huggies case like mine. but measure yours! Narrower trim may work, but for your first try I'd use the 1/2 inch! (you could use ribbon or something else, but something really flat will look lumpy)
Step 1) Make pattern. I traced around my wipes container and just eyeballed how far up it seemed the fabric would need to go past the edge, about 1/4 inch wider around the whole case. The thing about 1/2 inch braided trim is that it covers a lot, you really have alot of leeway when you're gluing your fabric down.

Step 2) Cut out your fabric and center it on your wipes container. I centered mine upside-down because then gravity didn't mess with my fabric. If it looks like it'll hang past the part where the trim will cover it, remember you need room to stuff it! I did my trimming when i was done with all but 1 of the short sides, and had partly stuffed the top.

Step 3) Glue down your fabric. Make sure the ends aren't too shaggy, and just glue the raw edges to the container. On the corners, just fold it like a hospital corner on a sheet, later it'll be covered by the trim.

Step 4) When the hole on the last side gets small enough, stuff the inside. finding the right amount of stuffing was the trickiest part, at first one side was puffier, but i hadn't added enough batting. Once it was full enough, it flattened out.

Step 5) Add the trim. I did this by adding glue to the trim, 1 and 1/2 to 2 inches at a time, not the fabric. I felt better about the coverage that way, and could place it where I wanted it. I started and ended my trim in the back of the case, where it's the least seen. it doesn't really look any different than the rest though. just cut the ends carefully where they try to unravel, and put enough glue under the trim to hold the little loose pieces but not come through the trim and show.

Step 6) Now do the same thing on the bottom. It's the same, except not padded, on mine anyway. You have to trim your fabric a little, because it's not padded. I glued one side and then trimmed the others when i knew it was lined up and couldn't move.

If you would like to see pictures along with instructions, then click here to see ammasmama original post.

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