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Here's another idea for moms!
Have you seen all those adorable little dresses called pillowcase dresses? Well I almost bought one online for $24 for my daughter, Maleah to wear home from the hospital. Then of course the little crafty voice in my head told me "Hey you can make that! Just try!" (I swear I'm not crazy! Haha. I'm just always trying to think of ways that I can save money.) Below is the dress & matching bow I made. What do you think?

I looked at a bunch of different pictures of other pillowcase dresses then made my own without a pattern. I got an idea of what length to make it by comparing it to a 0-3 Month dress, I also used the 0-3 Month dress to give me an idea of how big the arm holes had to be.

There are a number of different DYI craft websites where you can find a pattern or you can always buy one (e.g. Simplicity or McCall). If you are interesed in making one of these adorable dresses, check out this tutorial (here)!

Let us know how yours turned out! :)


Heather @ Girl Gone Mom said...

You are so creative, I love it!! I wish I could sew. Don't have the coordination for it!

Ashley Pichea [PicheaPlace.com] said...

That is too cute!! I think my daughter's about to get some pillow case tunics to layer for the fall/winter! :)

The 4-Crows Blog said...

Very cute- Wow, I think I can do that!

Virginia said...

Thank you ladies!
Heather-Sewing is pretty easy depending on what you are making. I bet you an do it! Just buy cheap fabric or use scrap fabric & give it a try! :)

Ashley-Yeah the great thing about these is that u can pair them with leggings or just have ur daughter wear it as a regular dress! :) Let us know how yours turn out!

ShaRhonda-I think you can do it too! Post pics whenever you try it out :)

Thank you for stopping by the Frugalicious Mommy!!!

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