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My son will be 3 in November & is just now learning how to use the potty. I tried to potty train him a few times since he turned 2 BUT with no success. On Saturday I decided to give it a try again & this time he is actually wants to do it. In the picture above, he was quite excited that he went #2 in the toilet. He told me, "Yeah mommy! I pee pee toilet. High PIVE!" (Yes you read that correct...pive...not five. LOL) I was so happy that I emailed the original (#2 visible) picture to my husband, mom, & grandparents. I know it's a little disgusting to others but as an excited mom I just had to show them. At this rate, my son will be potty trained before the baby comes & that makes me so happy. C'mon who wants to change a newborn & toddler's diaper?!

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Genny said...

I started potty training my son way too early and it took us forever. :)

CVSer said...

Thanks ladies!
Well I knew he was finally ready when he started bringing me the wipes & diaper when he needed to be changed. Ugh!

Thanks for stopping by!

Hit 40 said...

My boys took forever to master #2. Don't know what to tell you. They eventually figure it out. And..

they both have straight A's. Go figure.

blueviolet said...

Mine was a solid 3 1/2 before it happened. Congrats on your little one's success!

CVSer said...

Thank you ladies. I'm so excited. Today he even took a nap without peeing in his pullup....Woooohoooo!

Night Owl Mama said...

awww WTG sounds like its the right time I trained my son just last yr and I tell you I was amazed at how fast it was
good luck
look how proud he looks Tooo cute

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

YEA!!!! Look at that grin on his face. :) That is a huge accomplishment! Potty training is SO hard. My little guy was almost three before he was fully potty trained too. I don't miss diapers (or pullups) AT ALL!!!

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