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Gosh September is here & our family has 2 birthdays coming up! My nephew, Dominic will be turning 9 & my daughter, Kanani will be turning 10! WOW! The picture above was taken at my brother's house a few years back & boy do the kids look so small ::sad face:: NOW they are both in the 4th grade...what's next--driving?! Oooh my heart is breaking. Why do kids have to grow up?

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Dumb Mom said...

Yes. Driving is next. It may as well be as fast as kids grow up these days. Funny how when it was me, I thought it was taking FOR-EVER!

Suzanne said...

Cute pic! My niece just started first grade. I told her mom...not to be a downer...but once they get into 1st grade, it flies by from there. Mine just started high school...yikes!!!:-) Enjoy the birthdays!

Virginia said...

Ahhh yes time flies by! Now I understand why my mom was so emotional over everything. Hehe...she still calls me "baby." Growing up I couldn't wait to become an adult so I could do whatever I wanted. NOW that I am an adult....its not so much fun. LOL. I still can't do whatever I want unless I'm able to take 2 kids.
Anyway, thanks for stopping by The Frugalicious Mommy.

Unknown said...

Doesn't the time go so fast? It just flies. In the blink of an eye. Kaishon is entering 4th grade this year too. I can't handle it!

Liz Mays said...

Happy Birthday to both of them!

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