CVS on a Ten Dollar Budget

I had only one transaction today. I just wanted to get the glade oil candles. I thought I could use the $4 off $20 from the savings book that started today, but it states Q would print after the transaction. I was the first one to use it today and it didn't print. The manager said he thought maybe it would print after my next transaction but wasn't sure so he went ahead and issued me a $4.00 ECB. I was happy because that took care of my OOP today.

6-Glade Oil Candle Refills 2/$5.00 (2-B2G1)
2-Glade Holders 2/$5.00 (2-B1G1)
1-Plackers $2.99 (.75Q)
1-Moms Natural Oatmeal $1.00 (.75 Q)
1-Dawn .97 (.25 Q)

Total $24.96
-Q's 11.75
-$10.00 ECB from last weeks Dove deal
=$3.21 OOP
Earned $12.00 ECB ($6 for the Glade, $2 for the Plackers, and $4 the manager gave me)

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