Thoughtful Thursday

I decided to not post a Tip-a-licious Thursday but instead write a post to cheer my mother up. My brother is leaving for bootcamp today!!! We are extremely proud of him, however, he is the baby so this makes it bittersweet for my mother. I have yet to know this feeling because my children are still young but I can only imagine how much her heart is aching. So today please leave Frugal Mama (Juanita) some thoughtful comments to cheer her up! Thank you so much.

Dear Mom,
You are the best mom ever! I love you so much. I wish I could be there to hug you & take you out to breakfast. :)
Please smile today because Bear is officially becoming a man. He is an awesome person & he owes that all to you. Lots of hugs & kisses. Remember I'm just a phone call away.

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Mary C. said...

Thank you so much for raising an awesome young man who is willing to serve his country. We appreciate his service so much and we are grateful to you for bringing a brave patriot into the world.
Our family will be remembering all of you in our prayers. We will pray for your peace of mind and for his continued safety and well being.
Blessing to you and your family.
MaryC and Family

Anonymous said...

Today I know was a tough one for you because I felt the same!!! We watched him grow to be the fine young man he is today. But for me it was a giant step to his future. I know this because I took that step 25 years ago which led me to finding you and having are three wonderful children. So be very happy for him and proud as I am at this time. The time will fly by because in a blink of an eye you will be at his graduation and trying to hog the time with him while all of us are there to(hahaha). So smile!!! You have a son that millions of moms can only wish they had!!!

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