Tip-a-licious Thursday

Anything that can cut cleaning time in half is worth a shot. Right? I sure think so! I was pretty excited to receive an Ultimate Cloth to review.

The Ultimate Cloth is made with MiraFiber™ . The MiraFiber™ Technology has open spaces between fibers that act as millions of tiny 'scoops' that pull dust, dirt, oil & other contaminants into the cloth and hold them until washed away with mild soap or detergent. (Can also be bleached for disinfection.) Results are spotless, streak free surfaces.

Check out these facts:
  • No chemicals in the cloth; no chemicals are used from the manufacturing of the fabric through to the finished product.
  • The SAME cloth is appropriate for all surfaces
  • Eliminates chemicals in homes & businesses - Only WATER is used in cleaning; no chemicals or soaps are needed to cut dirt, grease & grime
  • Eliminates 90% of paper towel usage - One step cleaning process of wiping the surface and walking away; NO paper towels needed
  • High absorption capacity
  • Will not scratch, mar or blur delicate surfaces in homes, businesses or on vehicles
  • Cuts cleaning time in half due to its unique attributes of efficiently grabbing dirt & grime from surfaces and trapping them in the cloth
  • Does not lose it's strength or shape after 100's of washings
  • Long Lasting / Not disposable
  • Guaranteed safe for a baby's skin
  • Can be recycled
  • Will not release emissions or halogeneous substances when incinerated or placed in landfills
Upon receiving my Ultimate Cloth I was pretty skeptical. I have tried a number of products as well as squeegees & newspaper to prevent streaks with all failing. So with a tiny bit of doubt in my head, I opened the package & followed the directions:

Simply wet with water, wring out well, then clean your surface and walk away!

The results surprised me.....NO streaks!

I was so excited that I ran around the house cleaning mirrors, glass, TVs, & even my laptop. Haha I probably looked like a crazy person! When my husband finally arrived home from work I rushed to put the Ultimate Cloth to a true test (((((Drum Roll)))) my car windows! With a quick wipe down, my car windows were so crystal clear that I felt like I was driving with HD sunglasses on.

The reason for all my excitement is that I clean hundreds of surfaces with just my Ultimate Cloth & water. NO more chemicals or paper towels which in return saves me time & money. Being a mommy to three kids leaves me with very little time and well um...money.

Visit Ultimate Cloth America to purchase yours today.
Happy Cleaning!

Frugalicious Mommy Disclosure: I was given a Ultimate Cloth by Ultimate Cloth America for my review. I was allowed to keep the product, but the opinion I am sharing remains my own.


annies home said...

Im with you any chance to save a bit of time

Virginia said...

Not enough hours in the day! ::sigh::
Thanks for stopping by.
Have a great day!

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