Colonix Colon Cleanse by Dr. Natura Review

If you remember about a month ago I started taking Colonix Colon Cleanse by Dr. Natura. Sorry for the delay in posting my results, I had to stop taking it for about a week because I was so sick. (nothing to do with the product, I just had the flu bug)

With Colonix my bowel movements have been more frequent and much more productive. Every morning I take my capsules and my powder and like clockwork I have my morning bowel movement. Before I started taking Colonix I would have days of constipation and then bouts of diarrhea, and now I feel so much better.

I haven't had bowel movements like the ones posted on their site but I did have some pretty strange looking ones. I thought about posting pics but I just couldn't share that much of myself. It's pretty funny, every time I went I was like a child so excited to see what I had done.

I'm actually going to extend my cleansing and do another month. I think I need it, I have too many years of build up inside of me that is ready to come out. Prior to taking Colonix I was never regular, now I feel like my body is finally on a schedule.

For those of you that have never tried a colon cleanser I would highly recommend Colonix by Dr. Natura. I tried other colon cleansers in the past, but I did not have the results I have had with Colonix. This product gets two thumbs up.

Frugalicious Mommy Disclosure: The information & Colonix Colon Cleanse was given to me from Colonix. I was allowed to keep the product, but the opinion I am sharing remains my own. No other compensation was received for this review.

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