Wags on a Ten Dollar Budget

The last time I shopped at Wags, I went right around the corner from my home. My cashier wasn't too friendly. In fact none of the employees at that store are friendly. HMM, why do I shop there?? So today I decided to go to a different Wags. Sure it was a little out of my way but Sabrina was very nice. I would rather drive a little further and have good customer service. So thanks Sabrina for the great customer service.
Today my shopping began with zero Register Rewards. They
only had 3 Joint Juice on hand so I saved one of my BOGO Q's
so I can buy it later this week.

Trans #1

Blink $7.99 ($2 Q)

Total $7.99
-Q $2.00
=$5.99 OOP
Earned $8.00 RR

Trans #2

2-Joint Juice $10.00 ea (BOGO Q)

Total $20.00
-Q $10.00
-$8.00 RR
=$2.00 OOP
Earned $10.00 RR

Trans #3

2-Advil $4.49 ea (2-$2 Q's)
1-Scalpacin $5.99 ($1 Q)
1-Gravy Clearance .39

Total $15.36
-Q's $5.00
-$10.00 RR
=.36 OOP
Earned $11.00 RR

Trans #4

4-Vicks $5.00 ea (4-$2 Q's)
2-Puffs $1.99 ea (2-B2VicksGO)
2-Canned Yams Clearance .25 ea

Total $24.48
-Q's 11.98
-$11.00 RR
=$1.50 OOP
Earned $10.00 RR

Trans #5

1-Joint Juice $10.00
1-Canned Yam

Total $10.25
-$10.00 RR
=.25 OOP
Earned $10.00 RR

Trans #6

2-Keebler Cookies 2/$5 (2-$1 Q's)
1-Zicam $10.00 ($3 Q)
1-Canned Yam .25

Total $15.25
-Q's $5.00
-$10.00 RR
=.25 OOP
Earned $9.00 RR

Trans #7

2-2L Pepsi $1.25 ea
2-Canned Sweet Tea .79 ea
1-Scalpacin $5.99 ($Q)

Total $10.07
-$Q $1.00
-$9.00 RR
=.07 OOP
Earned $6.00 RR

Total Purchases $103.40
Total OOP $10.42 (.42 over my budget, my husbands fault he called on the way home to get him those drinks)
$6.00 RR left for next time


Gretchen. said...

YOU, my friend, deserve 10 GOLD stars!!! WTG! I used to be a diehard Wags shopper, but I stopped about this time last year. This post makes me want to get back in to it.



Juanita said...

Thanks. Yeah, I'm a diehard CVS shopper but lately Wags has had better deals. I guess I'll just have to shop both weekly. Thanks for dropping by frugaliciousmommy.

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