Wordful Wednesday

People over on the East Coast are snowed in, while people here on the West Coast are experiencing this:
Can you believe that people have the nerve to complain about this gloomy/rainy weather? They need to keep in mind that it could be much worst!

Here is my mom's house in TX. Now their snow is not bad like on the East coast but it's far from our weather here in San Diego.

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Stacie said...

Your right it could be worse. I see blue skies in the picture :)

XmasDolly said...

Complain? Holy Smokes let me rent them a truck & send them my backyard. I'm in Illinois. I'll put it on their frontdoor step. LOL

Virginia said...

Haha @Xmas Dolly!
Let me just add that I'm not one of those people who were complaining :) I happen to like the rain. Hubby is in Navy & we'll probably be moving to Illinois....so I'm enjoying San Diego weather ALL I can.

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