Fitness Friday

Gosh I'm at the end of week 2 of P90X & I'm still Bringing It!! So far I have lost 4.5 lbs which is probably just water weight soooo I don't want to get too excited. My mother decided to start the program as well. All this week she has been slightly miserable because she is so sore. Hahaha reminds me of myself in my 1st week. Anyway, today I decided to post a picture but only of my back (I don't have the courage to post a front view). The picture below is of me after week 1 & as you can see I have my trouble area (well one of them) pointed out!!!

During my 3rd pregnancy the fat loved to store in my lower back area. Grrr I hate my back fat! Looking at my own picture is so depressing but I hope to change all of this ASAP! My goal is not to be super skinny & I know that I will not get ripped during my first round of P90X (the ripped part could take around 3 rounds for me). I just hope to lower my body fat so I can be healthier & feel better about myself. --->Wish me luck<---

*Note: This is not a review.

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